Saturday, October 20, 2007

Interest in SOA ....

actually already been making an composite web application using .NET WCSF and WSSF for the past 4 sunlife (HK) gets me more and more interested in not only focus on the technical implementation aspect of SOA. it reach the point that i realise even thou as a developer, It is easy to ignore service-oriented business modeling and simply focus on service-orientation as it applies to technology and technical architecture. Therefore i started recently to do some research on internet about SOA and hopefully i would take the 000-664 test. I seriously think SOA, and Event-driven architecures like workflow(WF) wil rules the next coming 10 yrs...btw, i found some nice websites talking about SOA, instake of the only recommended by IBM:

Business analysis and SOA part 1 of 6: The benefits of business services,289483,sid26_gci1168438,00.html

i am also interested in ESB...i am still gathering info about this subject...

i came across this webpage :

The obstacles to the adoption and successful realization of Service-Oriented Architecture

SOA entry points, Ideas from IBM:

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

C+偵探 (The Detective)

what to say..this movie is one hell of shocker to me, i never expect the storyline. my parents were visiting me last weekend and i thought of bring them to a movie which is less"heavy". but i was very wrong. hahaha anyway, just to say this movie really change my view about Aaron kwok. I truly recommend this movie. this is a great HK movie well anticipated.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Just recently found out this wonderful online application known as FACEBOOK, which is based on Web2.0. i personally love this website cos its really fun especially with those third party application design via their API (which support many plaform, JAVA, .NET, PHP, python..etc). ppl who dont have an account really should signup for a account..this really rocks. Three cheers for excellent WEB 2.0 Deployment~

Friday, September 21, 2007


ha i heard that WCSF vNext version will remove pageflow...ha ha...i spend quite some time researching on pageflow and found that it really affect the performance...then really they remove the pageflow in this coming version...anyway, i already changed pageflow to WF(workflow foundation), which is more lightweight than WCSF's pageflow (due to the fact WCSF v1.1 pageflow have persistence state stored in db, which i think not all application requires that)

btw, WSSF(Web Service Software Factory is a even more greater, or i should say easier to learn and more powerful) so ppl who are interested in WCSF should try WSSF first:)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Server.Transfer vs Response.Redirect

just came across this article and i remembered that in my previous job, i encounter this situation whereby the old coders used server.transfer as all part of transfers. this is cool cos u get the exact same url as the first page. however, if u need to pass parameter in the url as we did(a lame requirement thou, due to the fact that external program is called). this is a gd thing to take note as a .net web developer. Cos server.transfer is faster due to the fact that it save on step of client needing to request the new url from server.(since server.transfer, transfer the web client once its called, whereas response.redirect need to re-request the new url after getting reply from server.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"InBody" body scan

last Sunday, when i was in physical(kornhill), i noticed that they had a new machine named (inBody...or any other name which i cant remembered clearly), which was used to take measurement of ur whole body physical health. I was amazed that i score almost a perfect score which almost every part of my body is in gd condition...(except the leg muscle is just barely touching the gd condition) hahaha. this machine is a gd reference for those who wanna keep track of they body stats thou. if u are member of physical, you should try.
Last Sunday ghost @metro station 997 is very scary, especially the part where the father try to be as exorcist and try to exorcise a evil spirit from an man. they record the whole incident on tape and was broadcast via the radio, one word to describe it ..."EVIL".

And yesterday night on tvb, there is a gd show named :大國崛起 which showed around 1030PM. i think this show is great cos it teaches us history and also the presenter (whom i forgot the name of her) always had a debate over china issue which i felt shes very right in some sense, even thou some of her saying sound like bullshitting to me, some of her words seems very correct. so if u like history, u should watch the show.

Monday, September 17, 2007


This movie from Stephen King is just...a good job...this movie never had a single moment of boredom, makes ppl really turn crazy if in the main actor situation. imagining urself thought of already woke from a nightmare and its actually that you are still inside the nightmare. i love the part where he tried to climb to another room thru window to another room..thats one of the coolest thing...i think i got that nightmare situation before also..hahaha

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Eason Chan Concert 2007

i wanna buy tickets fro his concert..but it seems to be fulled...hope he can open more shows.....pls
btw, today seems to be s smooth day, due to the fact that we finally able to make full use of workflow in our deployment with WCSF. we dropped Pageflow of WCSF due to the fact the pageflow is slow in general as it have database connection saving its page states, which is not under our user requirement and the main problem is the speed. WF is definitely faster.

i made one more blog today, this new blog is related to ebooks which i think its cool and worth reading. CLICK HERE. and i had a big finding with bitcomet the other day, i find out that they 0.9 version have a bug with their tcp/ip tweaking which promise to increase the TCP/IP connection which was block by WIN XP SP2, the default is 10, if i not forgot, this problem is that i can only adjust the number of connection to MAX 20, even thou it allow me to enter a bigger value (ie: 30) however once i entered any value more than 20, all BT connection will came to a halt and wont reconnect. Only solution is cahnge them back to 20. i was just wondering am i the only one facing this problem, or its the software limitation, which was not specified clearly.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Singapore Latest Main Battle Tank :Leopard 2A4

I received a email from NS-portal today, naming "NS Portal Sept e-Newsletter"...i read about Army Open House 07 and it talk about launching of latest MBT(Main Battle Tank) of Singapore army force Leopard 2A4 from Germany... then i think back about army daze..(i am from 46SAR), this action is two thumbs up cos the old AMX-13 really sucks and weak [even weaker than M113 in looks] the new leopard definitely look more "fiercer"

But seems like "Mr.Lee" still not yet done with the old tanks...heard they still wanna modify them some more...its like "fully utilize the old garbage" u wan 3G?...even 3G mobile sucks(using them over 3yrs, now i thinking of Switching back 2G)...not to say 3G army..hahaha

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Definition of Web 2.0 in Chinese [from]

i encountered one particular interesting article from, here it is:

现有的产品:Wiki百科、Wallop 、yahoo360 、openbc 、 cyworld 、43things 、 flickr、、 cragslist 、glob 、客齐集、 friendster 、 linkin 、UU通 、 优友 、 天际网 、爱米网 、linkist 、新浪点点通、skype、亿友、cyworld

Web2.0,是相对Web1.0(2003年以前的互联网模式)的新的一类互联网应用的统称,是一次从核心内容到外部应用的革命。由Web1.0单纯通 过网络浏览器浏览html网页模式向内容更丰富、联系性更强、工具性更强的Web2.0互联网模式的发展已经成为互联网新的发展趋势。
Web1.0 到Web2.0的转变,具体的说,从模式上是单纯的“读”向“写”、“共同建设”发展;从基本构成单元上,是由“网页”向“发表/记录的信息”发展;从工 具上,是由互联网浏览器向各类浏览器、rss阅读器等内容发展;运行机制上,由“Client Server”向“Web Services”转变;作者由程序员等专业人士向全部普通用户发展;应用上由初级的“滑稽”的应用向全面大量应用发展。
总之,Web2.0 是以 Flickr、Craigslist、Linkedin、Tribes、Ryze、 Friendster、、43Things.com等网站为代表,以Blog、TAG、SNS、RSS、wiki等应用为核心,依 据六度分隔、xml、ajax等新理论和技术实现的互联网新一代模式。

1、 Blog(from wiki)
Blog 一词本起源于 weblog,意思是网上日志。1997年由 Jorn Barger所提出。在1998年, infosift 的编辑Jesse J. Garrett (, 将一些类似blog的网站收集起来,寄给Cameron Barrett。 Cameron随后将名单发布在CamWorld网站上,许多人亦陆续将blog的URL给Cameron,慢慢的,一个新的网络社区俨然成型。1999 年,Brigitte Eaton (成立一个weblog 目录,收集她所知道的blog站。1999年,Peter Merholz ( 首次使用缩略词“blog”,成为今天常用的术语。但是,blog 真正开始快速发展的转折点,是在1999年6月,当时Pitas开始提供免费的weblog服务,紧接着8月,Pyra lab推出了现在的。 提供了简单易学的说明,以及能通过FTP直接将blog发表在个人网站上的功能,这带给使用者很大的方便。目前已经有了很多Blog托管服务商 (BSP),业内人士对其盈利前景,持谨慎乐观态度。
Blog是个人或群体以时间顺序所作的一种记录,并且不断更新。blog之间的交流主要是通过回溯引用(TrackBack)和回响/留言/评论 (comment)的方式来进行的。blog的操作管理用语,也借鉴了大量档案管理用语。一个blog亦可被视为一个档案(archives),或是卷宗 (fonds)。与传统档案不同的是,blog的写作者(blogger),既是这份档案的创作人(creator),也是其档案管理人 (archivist)。

Blog大量采用了RSS (Really Simple Syndication或者Rich Site Summary或者RDF Site Summary)技术,所有的RSS文件都必须符合由W3C发布的XML 1.0规范。对读者来说,可以通过RSS订阅一个blog,确知该blog作者最近的更新。对Blog作者来说,RSS可以使自己发布的文章易于被计算机 程序理解并摘要。

对知识管理和创造而言,blog提供了新的形态和途径。对汉语为母语的人而言,blog写作既接续了汉语笔记文学的优秀传统,更充分鼓励了个人表达。从交 往形态考察,网志空间(blogosphere)设定了积极的读者、作者、编者互动转换关系,“言者互重,阅者相惜 ”。

2、 Tag (from blogbus)
  Tag(标签)是一种更为灵活、有趣的日志分类方式,您可以为每篇日志添加一个或多个Tag(标签),然后您可以看到BlogBus上所有和您使用了 相同Tag的日志,并且由此和其他用户产生更多的联系和沟通。不仅如此,我们还通过与Technorati的合作,把您的Tag发送到全球Blog空间, 和全世界的人们共同分享。
  举一个例子,比如说:您写了一篇到西湖旅游的日志,原来您都是把这一类的日志放到自己的“驴行天下”分类下,但是有了Tag之后,您可以给这篇日志同 时加上“旅游”、“杭州”、“西湖”、“驴行天下”等几个Tag,当浏览者点击其中任何一个Tag,他都可以看到您的这篇日志。同时您自己也可以通过点击 这几个Tag,看看究竟有谁最近也去了杭州旅游,或许你们还可以交流一下旅游心得,成为下一次出游的伙伴呢!

3、 SNS
Social Network Service,社会性网络软件,依据六度理论,以认识朋友的朋友为基础,扩展自己的人脉。并且无限扩张自己的人脉,在需要的时候,可以随时获取一点,得到该人脉的帮助。

4、 RSS(from wiki)

Really Simple Syndication(真正简单的整合)
RDF (Resource Description Framework) Site Summary
Rich Site Summary(丰富站点摘要)




5、 Wiki(from wiki)
Wiki 一詞源自夏威夷語的「wee kee wee kee」,本是「快點快點」之意。在這裡Wiki指的是一種超文本系統。這種超文本系統係支持那些面向社群的協作式寫作,同時也包括一組支持這種寫作的輔 助工具。有人認為,Wiki系統屬於一種人類知識的網路系統,我們可以在Web的基礎上對Wiki文本進行瀏覽、創建、更改,而且這種創建、更改、及發佈 的代價遠比HTML文本小;與此同時Wiki系統還支持那些面向社群的協作式寫作,為協作式寫作提供了必要的幫助;最後,Wiki的寫作者自然構成了一個 社群,Wiki系統為這個社群提供了簡單的交流工具。與其它超文本系統相比,Wiki有使用簡便且開放的優點,所以Wiki系統可以幫助我們在一個社群內 共用某個領域的知識。
1995年沃德•坎寧安(Ward Cunningham)為了方便模式社群的交流創建了全世界第一個wiki系統-WikiWikiWeb,並用它建立了波特蘭模式知識庫 (Portland Pattern Repository)。在建立這個系統的過程中,沃德•坎寧安創造了Wiki的概念和名稱,並且實現了支持這些概念的服務系統。這個系統是最早的 Wiki系統。從1996年至2000年間,波特蘭模式知識庫圍繞著面向社群的協作式寫作,不斷發展出一些支持這種寫作的輔助工具,從而使Wiki的概念 不斷得到豐富。同時Wiki的概念也得到了傳播,出現了許多類似的網站和軟體系統。
Wiki的歷史不長,無論是Wiki概念本身,還是相關軟體系統的特性,都還在熱烈的討論中;所以怎樣的一個站點才能稱得上是一個Wiki系統還是有爭議 的。與Wiki相關新近出現的技術還有blog,它們都降低了超文本寫作和發佈的難度。這兩者都是同內容管理系統密切相關的。
維護快捷:快速創建、存取、更改超文本頁面(這也是為什麼叫作 "wiki wiki" 的原因)。
格式簡單:用簡單的格式標記來取代 HTML 的複雜格式標記。(類似所見即所得的風格)

1、 六度关系理论
目前流行的“六度分隔”理论是20世纪60年代由美国的心理学家米格兰姆(Stanley Milgram)提出的,这个理论可以通俗地阐述为:最多通过六个人你就能够认识任何一个陌生人。“六度分隔”成为人际关系世界中无可否认而又令人震惊的 特征,许多社会学上的深入研究也给出令人信服的证据,说明这一特征不只是特例,在一般情形下也存在。最近,美国哥伦比亚大学社会学系的瓦茨教授领导的 EMAIL试验也再次证明了这一人际关系世界中惊人的规律。然而,在现实世界中,六十亿人怎么可能真的构成如此紧密的相互关联呢?是互联网使一切成为现 实。

2、 Xml
XML即可扩展标记语言(eXtensible Markup Language)。标记是指计算机所能理解的信息符号,通过此种标记,计算机之间可以处理包含各种信息的文章等。如何定义这些标记,既可以选择国际通用 的标记语言,比如HTML,也可以使用象XML这样由相关人士自由决定的标记语言,这就是语言的可扩展性。XML是从SGML中简化修改出来的。它主要用 到的有XML、XSL和XPath等。

* 由DOM(Document Object Model)实现动态显示与交互
* 通过XML和XSLT进行数据交换及处理
* 使用JavaScript整合上述技术

直观一点的说Ajax能够实现不刷新浏览器窗口(当然更不用安装额外的插件)而满足用户的操作,现在一些看上去很Cool的网站,很多是用这项技术实现 的,其中包括:orkut、Gmail、Google Group、Google Suggest、Google Maps、Flickr、A9.com等。2SIMPLE的Co-mment系统虽然没有用到XML/XSLT,其理念已经暗合容Ajax,实现了不刷新 网页提供动态内给用户。

Monday, September 10, 2007

戲王之王 (Simply Actors)

i just saw this movie yesterday..via VCD. i would say this movie to me is just alright, nothing special [definitely not worth going to cinema to watch thou]. This movie makes Sa(Charlene Choi) the best actress in 香港電影金紫荊獎 . one thing which makes me wanna write about this movie is one term which was specified by the main actor詹瑞文. Improvise. i used to play electric guitars and this word Improvise certainly rings a bell to me. If you play guitar solo, you will know that improvise is one major stage of being a guitarist. i then search on wikipedia for meaning of "improvise":

Improvisation is the practice of acting and reacting, of making and creating, in the moment and in response to the stimulus of one's immediate environment. This can result in the invention of new thought patterns, new practices, new structures or symbols, and/or new ways to act. This invention cycle occurs most effectively when the practitioner has a thorough intuitive or technical understanding of the necessary skills and concerns within the improvised domain.

The skills of improvisation can apply to many different abilities or forms of communication and expression across all artistic, scientific, physical, cognitive, academic, and non-academic disciplines. For example, music, cooking, presenting a speech, sales, personal or romantic relationships, sports, flower arranging, martial arts, psychotherapy, the arts, and much more.

then it leads me into deep thoughts and i remembered many ppl asked me whats the main difference of being a "hong kie" and "singaporean". Ii was thinking of whats the difference of being a singaporean and a hong kong ppl. i think the main difference is that in the cultural of Singapore, we were bought up not to "play Punk" or not try to be special. Everything was well-planned by the government. However in hk, ppl tends to be more "risk-taking" and dares to "improvise" on their own, due to the fact that in hk, ppl knew that Nobody is looking after them like singaporeans do.

you can also say that hong kong ppl are better at "acting" also due to the fact that many only know how to improvise and not actually know how to work. hahaha

thats it for now, i probably will be beaten up when i go back singapore..hahaha

Friday, September 7, 2007

G.I.JOE Back in Town??

i went to Toys R' us last sat and i encounter this toy.
OMG~! its G.I.Joe, cant believe they still sell it i Hong Kong, i think many ppl were just like me, totally forgot about this classic cartoon. I would rank this cartoon the same level as "Transformers". Anybody have cool links to this great animation of the 20th century, pls let me know :)

(btw, i never bought this even thou i love it so much and kept looking at it over 5mins, i think this picture would probably enough for memorial~

On ur right is my collection of Saint Seiya Figures on my previous office desk. Let my cosmo burn~!

SilverLight: Microsoft fight against Flash

As always a Microsoft developer since first begin coding. we very much know that microsoft is planning a major attack on development scene. its effort to promote .NET framework was getting bigger these few years, with framework changing very much from 1.1 to 3.0( not to say 3.5 with LINQ). WF already made a huge impact on my programming concepts, not to said WCSF..however, this time Microsoft even wanna fight flash. I am always poor in flash, even thou i actually have always been very interested in it. But this silverlight seems to be developed for programmers. but just for designers like flash, which u need to learn action scripts. i will try to learn silver light if i have the time.:) or maybe i will wait for 1.1 cos able to use any .NET language to develop a Silverlight application (VB, C#, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Pascal, and more). It is going to really open up a lot of new development opportunities.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

ajax web instant messengers

just found out from a friend that meebo is even better than ebuddy...have been using ebuddy for quite awhile(web browser messenger). meebo got a few gd thing:

1) can save conversation
2) can customise for msn image
3) faster( ajax i assume)

but i think the problem with meebo is that it dont always show other ppl's msn image. i think thats one bad point also. overall, gd web messenger :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


thats the sourceforge website for MKALERT v1.04. source uploaded. pls download if wanted. i havent prepare the documentation yet :P

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Missing armed NSman caught in Orchard Road

Never went back to Singapore for almost 2 yrs...i already ORD like 4 yrs ago...But this News really shocks me...btw, this link links to his photo. also this few blog got quite info LINK1. the worst thing is that his ex gf left him for a TB...what else to say. maybe thats why he wanna shoot "Him"(thats his ex gf blog). btw, i got some uncertainty, how he got the SAR21 out? here is my assumption:

he might be drop out of prowler duty half way to toilet, and then change his uniform into Civilian(which is already packed into a bag pack in toilet) then he put his rifle into a tennis racket bag. He then climb over the mandai camp fence( or best, already cutted a hole in the fence he covered with grasses.) after that he take a bus/cab to his ex gf home downstairs and monitor the ex gf movement. then he wait under her block for whole night until she went out to orchard to meet her friends. thats when he was caught...hahaha nice assumption huh..heard he got caught on 3rd floor of maybe he was planning something like the movie "shooter"....headshot to the ex gf and her lover....but remember only have 5 rounds~ btw another news update

Monday, September 3, 2007

My Own Python Project: MKALERT - Goin Open Source

I had previously written a program running as a service which monitors remote/local system uptime (including Websites). it was wrote using python 2.5 and it was built to the fact that my supporting team colleagues were having hard time handling support cases of server uptime. therefore i write a program volunteered to help them in their support case. it will contact remote server via (PING, SQL[db access], and http[web]) it would insert a record into a local db when remote server is unreachable, where a sms sending service will pick up the record from db and sends out a SMS to the supporting team.

i was thinking of making this simple program open sourced, since its totally my own work and i did it out of volunteer. hopefully i will post it on open source websites like codeplex or sourceforge anytime soon.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Recommended Free Open Source controls/Libraries

i have just added a column name "Free Tools, Controls, Components" which provide links to some of the Controls/libraries/Component which i had worked with and i recommend them to you due to the fact that they are open sourced and developer can implement them into their actual production environment/project. also i added a youtube video which i "encounter" on web which i think is funny. enjoy:)

Friday, August 31, 2007

.NET Developer must have: Reflector...and WinMerge

Reflector is the class browser, explorer, analyzer and documentation viewer for .NET. it allows to easily view, navigate, search, decompile and analyze .NET assemblies in C#, Visual Basic which is much better than the object browser than comes with VS 2005.

another software i am not sure i should say..cos i think most developer should know this...but there might be some "exceptions"...therefore i need to "try Catch" them.hehe...its WinMerge, an Open Source visual text file differencing and merging tool for Win32 platforms. It is highly useful for determing what has changed between project versions, and then merging changes between versions. this tool is extremely usefull in conditions whereby resources such as SourceSafe is absent. (which i did everyday, since projects normal dont work alone)

WF, WorkFlow Foundation vs PageFlow (WCSF)

Workflow(WF) is something i would say love & hate, i love it due to the fact that it really changes the way we think of programming, It’s a model that gives a clear separation between what to
do and when to do it. This separation allows you to change the "when" without affecting the "what". Work flows generally use a declarative programming model rather than a procedural one.

i personally prefer to use pageflow that comes with WCSF which is much simpler to implement(in my point of view) however pageflow is only be use for web applications to control their application flows. workflow is more flexible in that sense. However, if i were to write some console/background services, i would probably make full of workflow next time:)
btw, one gd thing about wcsf's pageflow is that i already had the builtin pageflow consistency which you have to built urself in WF.

this developer walkthough of WF is not bad take a look:!187876911A2906F6!436.entry

however i think as of VS2005, i think the only downpoint of using workflow is the stability issue of workflow-designer, which occasionally crashes. hope could fix these bug in the VS2008

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