Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Singapore Latest Main Battle Tank :Leopard 2A4

I received a email from NS-portal today, naming "NS Portal Sept e-Newsletter"...i read about Army Open House 07 and it talk about launching of latest MBT(Main Battle Tank) of Singapore army force Leopard 2A4 from Germany... then i think back about army daze..(i am from 46SAR), this action is two thumbs up cos the old AMX-13 really sucks and weak [even weaker than M113 in looks] the new leopard definitely look more "fiercer"

But seems like "Mr.Lee" still not yet done with the old tanks...heard they still wanna modify them some more...its like "fully utilize the old garbage" u wan 3G?...even 3G mobile sucks(using them over 3yrs, now i thinking of Switching back 2G)...not to say 3G army..hahaha

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