Thursday, September 13, 2007

Eason Chan Concert 2007

i wanna buy tickets fro his concert..but it seems to be fulled...hope he can open more shows.....pls
btw, today seems to be s smooth day, due to the fact that we finally able to make full use of workflow in our deployment with WCSF. we dropped Pageflow of WCSF due to the fact the pageflow is slow in general as it have database connection saving its page states, which is not under our user requirement and the main problem is the speed. WF is definitely faster.

i made one more blog today, this new blog is related to ebooks which i think its cool and worth reading. CLICK HERE. and i had a big finding with bitcomet the other day, i find out that they 0.9 version have a bug with their tcp/ip tweaking which promise to increase the TCP/IP connection which was block by WIN XP SP2, the default is 10, if i not forgot, this problem is that i can only adjust the number of connection to MAX 20, even thou it allow me to enter a bigger value (ie: 30) however once i entered any value more than 20, all BT connection will came to a halt and wont reconnect. Only solution is cahnge them back to 20. i was just wondering am i the only one facing this problem, or its the software limitation, which was not specified clearly.

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