Monday, September 10, 2007

戲王之王 (Simply Actors)

i just saw this movie yesterday..via VCD. i would say this movie to me is just alright, nothing special [definitely not worth going to cinema to watch thou]. This movie makes Sa(Charlene Choi) the best actress in 香港電影金紫荊獎 . one thing which makes me wanna write about this movie is one term which was specified by the main actor詹瑞文. Improvise. i used to play electric guitars and this word Improvise certainly rings a bell to me. If you play guitar solo, you will know that improvise is one major stage of being a guitarist. i then search on wikipedia for meaning of "improvise":

Improvisation is the practice of acting and reacting, of making and creating, in the moment and in response to the stimulus of one's immediate environment. This can result in the invention of new thought patterns, new practices, new structures or symbols, and/or new ways to act. This invention cycle occurs most effectively when the practitioner has a thorough intuitive or technical understanding of the necessary skills and concerns within the improvised domain.

The skills of improvisation can apply to many different abilities or forms of communication and expression across all artistic, scientific, physical, cognitive, academic, and non-academic disciplines. For example, music, cooking, presenting a speech, sales, personal or romantic relationships, sports, flower arranging, martial arts, psychotherapy, the arts, and much more.

then it leads me into deep thoughts and i remembered many ppl asked me whats the main difference of being a "hong kie" and "singaporean". Ii was thinking of whats the difference of being a singaporean and a hong kong ppl. i think the main difference is that in the cultural of Singapore, we were bought up not to "play Punk" or not try to be special. Everything was well-planned by the government. However in hk, ppl tends to be more "risk-taking" and dares to "improvise" on their own, due to the fact that in hk, ppl knew that Nobody is looking after them like singaporeans do.

you can also say that hong kong ppl are better at "acting" also due to the fact that many only know how to improvise and not actually know how to work. hahaha

thats it for now, i probably will be beaten up when i go back singapore..hahaha

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