Friday, September 7, 2007

SilverLight: Microsoft fight against Flash

As always a Microsoft developer since first begin coding. we very much know that microsoft is planning a major attack on development scene. its effort to promote .NET framework was getting bigger these few years, with framework changing very much from 1.1 to 3.0( not to say 3.5 with LINQ). WF already made a huge impact on my programming concepts, not to said WCSF..however, this time Microsoft even wanna fight flash. I am always poor in flash, even thou i actually have always been very interested in it. But this silverlight seems to be developed for programmers. but just for designers like flash, which u need to learn action scripts. i will try to learn silver light if i have the time.:) or maybe i will wait for 1.1 cos able to use any .NET language to develop a Silverlight application (VB, C#, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Pascal, and more). It is going to really open up a lot of new development opportunities.

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