Monday, September 3, 2007

My Own Python Project: MKALERT - Goin Open Source

I had previously written a program running as a service which monitors remote/local system uptime (including Websites). it was wrote using python 2.5 and it was built to the fact that my supporting team colleagues were having hard time handling support cases of server uptime. therefore i write a program volunteered to help them in their support case. it will contact remote server via (PING, SQL[db access], and http[web]) it would insert a record into a local db when remote server is unreachable, where a sms sending service will pick up the record from db and sends out a SMS to the supporting team.

i was thinking of making this simple program open sourced, since its totally my own work and i did it out of volunteer. hopefully i will post it on open source websites like codeplex or sourceforge anytime soon.

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