Saturday, October 20, 2007

Interest in SOA ....

actually already been making an composite web application using .NET WCSF and WSSF for the past 4 sunlife (HK) gets me more and more interested in not only focus on the technical implementation aspect of SOA. it reach the point that i realise even thou as a developer, It is easy to ignore service-oriented business modeling and simply focus on service-orientation as it applies to technology and technical architecture. Therefore i started recently to do some research on internet about SOA and hopefully i would take the 000-664 test. I seriously think SOA, and Event-driven architecures like workflow(WF) wil rules the next coming 10 yrs...btw, i found some nice websites talking about SOA, instake of the only recommended by IBM:

Business analysis and SOA part 1 of 6: The benefits of business services,289483,sid26_gci1168438,00.html

i am also interested in ESB...i am still gathering info about this subject...

i came across this webpage :

The obstacles to the adoption and successful realization of Service-Oriented Architecture

SOA entry points, Ideas from IBM:

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

C+偵探 (The Detective)

what to say..this movie is one hell of shocker to me, i never expect the storyline. my parents were visiting me last weekend and i thought of bring them to a movie which is less"heavy". but i was very wrong. hahaha anyway, just to say this movie really change my view about Aaron kwok. I truly recommend this movie. this is a great HK movie well anticipated.

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