Friday, March 19, 2010

.NET Profiling

something its been there for decades yet once again we always tends to ignore/forget..

Thursday, February 25, 2010

TIP: How to pevent data lost at save when the application/editor u using constantly crashes

As a developer/programmer, even thou majority of us would be blessed with cool hardware to do our development. However , there would definitely some mates out there who is still suffering with Low RAM and buggy Development tools editors(No money to upgrade). and many of the time, these application crashes when u click save, which in return makes you losing your many hours of hard work. heard many complaint from many developers before, therefore i wan to write some quick solution/best practice about it and hopefully, someone whom faces this situation and happens to Google this and actually find it helpful:)

(At the text area, before you wanted to click save)
Ctrl+End, then Ctrl+Shift+Home, then Ctrl+C Every time u want to go to Save. this action after practise really useful, especially that apps u using always hang, as the clipboard usually more stable then other apps. i would say this is kind of a best practise for me during a certain period of time working as a contractor facing with a lousy pc running a heavy development tools. this best practise really save some good hours of time many times and hope u guys find it helpful. cheers

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Training to be soldier

out of nowhere, i suddenly remember this song, the number one hit of our army times : "training to be soldier" LOL and this term : "have you ever wonder, why must we serve~" and search you-tube..

back then, I asking myself ...Why must i serve...!@#$%
wasted 2 year and 4 mth of my youth..WTF...

However, After at least 6 year since i ord and left Singapore ever since ord....think back now, its quite fun. missed all the tegan session, all the outfield, all the clean arms, washing toilet, wash drain, clean vehicle, break track, run soc (low wall, jacob ladder..), all the route march, 4NTM, all the parades, guard duties, NDP, GOH, airport duties, talk cock session in bunk at night, watch tv together at bunk, nights off.

No doubt missing it, even thou have more pain than joy while doing it. However, looking back after all these years, maybe one day my son ask me, he want to go back Singapore join the army, ha, maybe it will be a "YES" from me as well.definitely not wasted the times, maybe just makes myself stronger to endure whatever things happens. Because, as we always said, nothing is worse than being in the army. (other than in real prison)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Interest in SOA ....

actually already been making an composite web application using .NET WCSF and WSSF for the past 4 sunlife (HK) gets me more and more interested in not only focus on the technical implementation aspect of SOA. it reach the point that i realise even thou as a developer, It is easy to ignore service-oriented business modeling and simply focus on service-orientation as it applies to technology and technical architecture. Therefore i started recently to do some research on internet about SOA and hopefully i would take the 000-664 test. I seriously think SOA, and Event-driven architecures like workflow(WF) wil rules the next coming 10 yrs...btw, i found some nice websites talking about SOA, instake of the only recommended by IBM:

Business analysis and SOA part 1 of 6: The benefits of business services,289483,sid26_gci1168438,00.html

i am also interested in ESB...i am still gathering info about this subject...

i came across this webpage :

The obstacles to the adoption and successful realization of Service-Oriented Architecture

SOA entry points, Ideas from IBM:

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

C+偵探 (The Detective)

what to say..this movie is one hell of shocker to me, i never expect the storyline. my parents were visiting me last weekend and i thought of bring them to a movie which is less"heavy". but i was very wrong. hahaha anyway, just to say this movie really change my view about Aaron kwok. I truly recommend this movie. this is a great HK movie well anticipated.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Just recently found out this wonderful online application known as FACEBOOK, which is based on Web2.0. i personally love this website cos its really fun especially with those third party application design via their API (which support many plaform, JAVA, .NET, PHP, python..etc). ppl who dont have an account really should signup for a account..this really rocks. Three cheers for excellent WEB 2.0 Deployment~

Friday, September 21, 2007


ha i heard that WCSF vNext version will remove pageflow...ha ha...i spend quite some time researching on pageflow and found that it really affect the performance...then really they remove the pageflow in this coming version...anyway, i already changed pageflow to WF(workflow foundation), which is more lightweight than WCSF's pageflow (due to the fact WCSF v1.1 pageflow have persistence state stored in db, which i think not all application requires that)

btw, WSSF(Web Service Software Factory is a even more greater, or i should say easier to learn and more powerful) so ppl who are interested in WCSF should try WSSF first:)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Server.Transfer vs Response.Redirect

just came across this article and i remembered that in my previous job, i encounter this situation whereby the old coders used server.transfer as all part of transfers. this is cool cos u get the exact same url as the first page. however, if u need to pass parameter in the url as we did(a lame requirement thou, due to the fact that external program is called). this is a gd thing to take note as a .net web developer. Cos server.transfer is faster due to the fact that it save on step of client needing to request the new url from server.(since server.transfer, transfer the web client once its called, whereas response.redirect need to re-request the new url after getting reply from server.

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