Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Training to be soldier

out of nowhere, i suddenly remember this song, the number one hit of our army times : "training to be soldier" LOL and this term : "have you ever wonder, why must we serve~" and search you-tube..

back then, I asking myself ...Why must i serve...!@#$%
wasted 2 year and 4 mth of my youth..WTF...

However, After at least 6 year since i ord and left Singapore ever since ord....think back now, its quite fun. missed all the tegan session, all the outfield, all the clean arms, washing toilet, wash drain, clean vehicle, break track, run soc (low wall, jacob ladder..), all the route march, 4NTM, all the parades, guard duties, NDP, GOH, airport duties, talk cock session in bunk at night, watch tv together at bunk, nights off.

No doubt missing it, even thou have more pain than joy while doing it. However, looking back after all these years, maybe one day my son ask me, he want to go back Singapore join the army, ha, maybe it will be a "YES" from me as well.definitely not wasted the times, maybe just makes myself stronger to endure whatever things happens. Because, as we always said, nothing is worse than being in the army. (other than in real prison)

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