Thursday, February 25, 2010

TIP: How to pevent data lost at save when the application/editor u using constantly crashes

As a developer/programmer, even thou majority of us would be blessed with cool hardware to do our development. However , there would definitely some mates out there who is still suffering with Low RAM and buggy Development tools editors(No money to upgrade). and many of the time, these application crashes when u click save, which in return makes you losing your many hours of hard work. heard many complaint from many developers before, therefore i wan to write some quick solution/best practice about it and hopefully, someone whom faces this situation and happens to Google this and actually find it helpful:)

(At the text area, before you wanted to click save)
Ctrl+End, then Ctrl+Shift+Home, then Ctrl+C Every time u want to go to Save. this action after practise really useful, especially that apps u using always hang, as the clipboard usually more stable then other apps. i would say this is kind of a best practise for me during a certain period of time working as a contractor facing with a lousy pc running a heavy development tools. this best practise really save some good hours of time many times and hope u guys find it helpful. cheers

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