Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Missing armed NSman caught in Orchard Road

Never went back to Singapore for almost 2 yrs...i already ORD like 4 yrs ago...But this News really shocks me...btw, this link links to his photo. also this few blog got quite info LINK1. the worst thing is that his ex gf left him for a TB...what else to say. maybe thats why he wanna shoot "Him"(thats his ex gf blog). btw, i got some uncertainty, how he got the SAR21 out? here is my assumption:

he might be drop out of prowler duty half way to toilet, and then change his uniform into Civilian(which is already packed into a bag pack in toilet) then he put his rifle into a tennis racket bag. He then climb over the mandai camp fence( or best, already cutted a hole in the fence he covered with grasses.) after that he take a bus/cab to his ex gf home downstairs and monitor the ex gf movement. then he wait under her block for whole night until she went out to orchard to meet her friends. thats when he was caught...hahaha nice assumption huh..heard he got caught on 3rd floor of cineleisure..so maybe he was planning something like the movie "shooter"....headshot to the ex gf and her lover....but remember mates...you only have 5 rounds~ btw another news update

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