Friday, August 31, 2007

.NET Developer must have: Reflector...and WinMerge

Reflector is the class browser, explorer, analyzer and documentation viewer for .NET. it allows to easily view, navigate, search, decompile and analyze .NET assemblies in C#, Visual Basic which is much better than the object browser than comes with VS 2005.

another software i am not sure i should say..cos i think most developer should know this...but there might be some "exceptions"...therefore i need to "try Catch" them.hehe...its WinMerge, an Open Source visual text file differencing and merging tool for Win32 platforms. It is highly useful for determing what has changed between project versions, and then merging changes between versions. this tool is extremely usefull in conditions whereby resources such as SourceSafe is absent. (which i did everyday, since projects normal dont work alone)

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