Friday, August 31, 2007

WF, WorkFlow Foundation vs PageFlow (WCSF)

Workflow(WF) is something i would say love & hate, i love it due to the fact that it really changes the way we think of programming, It’s a model that gives a clear separation between what to
do and when to do it. This separation allows you to change the "when" without affecting the "what". Work flows generally use a declarative programming model rather than a procedural one.

i personally prefer to use pageflow that comes with WCSF which is much simpler to implement(in my point of view) however pageflow is only be use for web applications to control their application flows. workflow is more flexible in that sense. However, if i were to write some console/background services, i would probably make full of workflow next time:)
btw, one gd thing about wcsf's pageflow is that i already had the builtin pageflow consistency which you have to built urself in WF.

this developer walkthough of WF is not bad take a look:!187876911A2906F6!436.entry

however i think as of VS2005, i think the only downpoint of using workflow is the stability issue of workflow-designer, which occasionally crashes. hope could fix these bug in the VS2008

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